We invest in FinTech

The financial services industry is currently experiencing a wave of innovation which is shaking up decades of status quo.

This Fund allows private investors to directly invest in some of the most promising FinTech “startups” all the while benefiting from the generous tax breaks offered by the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

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About Us

The fund is a collaboration between organisations well established in the UK early stage investment space - each contributing complimentary skills, unrivalled expertise and market knowledge.

The two Portfolio Advisors (Startup Funding Club and FINTECH Circle) review hundreds of startup investment proposals each year which gives them the ability to source some of the best opportunities in the UK Fintech space.

Innvotec is a long-established and leading UK venture fund manager with a strong track record of early stage investments with seven previous EIS funds and three previous SEIS funds.


Angelika Burawska

John Marsden

Joseph Zipfel

Stephen Page

Susanne Chishti

About the Fintech 2016 SEIS Fund

Investors in the Fund will be exposed to the growth of a carefully selected portfolio of financial technology startups.

The portfolio companies will have major milestones to hit over the coming years. If these are successfully met, they should develop towards delivering profitable exits from 2018 onwards.

In addition to the high returns thought achievable in early stage investments, investors in the Fund will receive the full benefit of the generous tax reliefs offered under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (“SEIS”).

Our Experts

Our portfolio companies will receive support from our network of independent experienced mentors with relevant expertise in the financial services and technology sectors.


Damien Régent

Alain Mandy

Brendan Bradley

Mark Tayler

Benjamin Reid

Giuseppe Caltabiano

Our Track Record

The three Partners in the Fund have an extensive experience in working with startups and investors and have been involved in over 50 startup investments over the past two years.