We are experts in early stage investments

We are very proud to say that we are experts in early stage investments. Startup Funding Club and FINTECH Circle have been involved in over 50 startup investments over the past 3 years - either through their network of active angel investors or as portfolio adviser to several SEIS funds.

Innvotec has a strong track record of early stage investments with seven previous EIS funds and three previous SEIS funds.

Startup Funding Club and Innvotec have already collaborated on two previous SEIS funds currently invested in c. 40 businesses and showing strong and encouraging signs of capital appreciation.

Algo Dynamix

AlgoDynamix is an innovative risk analytics company that detects disruptive events in global financial markets and anticipates price movements hours or days in advance of the event. Their software provides advance warning enabling asset managers to improve portfolio metrics including lower volatility and higher risk adjusted returns. Customers include fund & wealth managers, investment banks and trading houses.

FINTECH Circle’s angels invested alongside Amadeus Capital and other institutional investors when Algo Dynamix raised £300k in March/April 2015.


Pariti is a technology company which provides tools to help people pay down debt, improve their credit worthiness and access low cost loans. The business addresses a £161bn consumer debt market with regulatory appetite for new disruptive players. The proposition has attractive customer economics with strong short and long-term monetisation options.

The company raised funds from Startup Funding Club 2016 SEIS Fund, Startup Funding Club and FINTECH Circle’ angel networks as well as a reputable venture capital fund.

Funding Alpha

The collaboration between Innvotec and Startup Funding Club started in 2014 with their first SEIS Fund, called Funding Alpha. The fund raised c. £1M and invested in a portfolio of 15 companies which is showing a 30% uplift on cost to date.

Startup Funding Club 2015 SEIS Fund

The second edition of SFC and Innvotec’s SEIS Fund, called Startup Funding Club 2015 SEIS Fund doubled the numbers and raised over £2m invested in a portfolio of more than 30 companies.

A number of our portfolio companies have raised follow-on funding at improved valuations following our investments – a reflection of their progress and of the increasing value of our existing portfolios.

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